Occupational Medicine Locations

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Total MD works in partnership with employers and tailors services to meet their specific needs, offering exceptional post-incident care as well as prevention education. From drug screenings and physicals to injury prevention and management, our dual approach to occupational medicine can help reduce work related injuries and premiums.

The TotalMD approach to occupational medicine is proactive. In addition to providing excellent “after incident” medical care, we work in partnership with employers to reduce the number of injuries and illnesses which occur. TotalMD offers employers certified workers’ compensation providers that are experienced at treating work-related injuries and providing employment-related health, safety, and wellness services. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of the employer. Extended hours are in place to make it

as convenient as possible for employers and employees to utilize TotalMD’s multiple centers which are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our goal is to evaluate injured employees quickly, provide them with excellent care, and return them to work as soon as reasonably possible. Real time communication ensures employers and their employees fully understand the diagnosis, course of treatment and expected time of recovery.

Occupational Medicine Services

Pre-employment Drug Screens

Breath Alcohol Services

Blood Alcohol Services

Hair Analysis Drug Screening

DOT Drug Screen

Injury Management

Fitness for Duty

Carpal Tunnel Screening

Physical Capacity Screening

5 Panel Drug Screen

DOT Physicals

TB Skin Test

Work Physical

MRO Services

Injury Prevention Education

Nerve Conduction Testing

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Second and Third Opinions

Collection Services

Vision Screening & Audiograms

Pre-Placement Job Screening

Job Site Analysis

Industrial Rehabilitation

First Aid Evaluations

Physical Therapy

High Field MRI, X-Ray, Lab,Pulmonary Function, EKG

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