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Our board-certified primary care physicians take pride in treating family members of all ages. From preventative health practices to the treatment of illnesses and injuries, our team of professionals are here when you need them to ensure you and your family receive the level of quality care you’re looking for.

Decisions regarding today’s medical care are confusing to say the least. “Where do I go for medical care? Who can guide me through the maze of specialists and treatment options? What do I do if I do not have a doctor?” These are the questions confronting people from every walk of life.


To start, everyone should have a Primary Care Physician (PCP). Your PCP should either be a Family Practice, Internal Medicine, or Pediatric Specialist. Your PCP coordinates your care. This is your personal medical team’s quarterback. The job: ensure you receive quality, timely medical care essential to preserving or restoring your health.


If you do not have a PCP, call us today and set up an appointment for an annual physical. We allow you to take the time to get to know your doctor and allow time for your doctor to get to know you. Be open and be honest about your healthcare concerns. Make your first visit when you are healthy. Establishing a good baseline is essential to your care. This baseline also allows your doctor to make determinations about future potential health problems and risks.
Your healthcare is a partnership between you and your doctor. Your doctor cannot do a good job without your active participation. Commit to having a physical examination every year. Discuss all your health concerns at that time. Your doctor will order and evaluate test results and suggest necessary steps to improve or preserve your health. Follow their directions.

If you do have a medical problem, see your doctor on a regular basis. Monitoring diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and heart disease (to name a few) can have a tremendous effect on the length and quality of your life. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THERE IS A PROBLEM!


Total MD takes an active role in your healthcare. We provide family medicine and preventative care. Our dedicated “Urgent Care” centers are the trusted alternative to the emergency room. Here we treat those minor illnesses and injuries, which require immediate attention. We provide extended daily and weekend hours to make utilizing our Urgent Care center as convenient as possible.


Perhaps the most important aspect of our Total Care Organization’s (TCO) primary care and urgent care affiliation is the quality and “continuity” of care, which only a TCO can provide. We use electronic medical records (EMR) to assure that your records are always up-to-date and that our doctors are always aware of the treatments you receive. They remain active participants in the decisions being made about your medical care and the choice of specialists. Each of your treating doctors and specialists has access to treatment and medication histories.


Total MD team’s goal is to deliver compassionate, cost-effective medical care in a dignified and respectful manner. At the Total MD your health and wellbeing come first.

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